Our Services

Our experienced locksmiths in Dallas have opened, repaired, installed and supplied locks and latches to homes, businesses, and automotive in need of improving their security. Apart from this, our technicians can fabricate and duplicate keys, help change lock combinations and even bypass secure locks.

What We Do:

24-hour emergency locksmith services
As you are aware, issues with locks happen unexpectedly. For instance, you may lock yourself out of your home, car or business by accident. In such a case, you need the lock(s) picked or replaced. As experts, we can handle any emergency related to locks.

Change or replace security locks for safes and vaults
Today, it is common for homeowners and businesses to install safes in their premises. The reason for doing so is to have a secure location for storing valuables such as documents, jewelry, money, and others.

To secure your valuables, call Texas Master Locksmith services in Dallas, TX today. Our technicians will supply high-grade security locks for your safe or va    ult. They will install, change, repair and test the locks.

Cut Keys
Are you in need of an extra set of keys for your locks? Visit our store in Dallas, Texas and our technicians will provide you with an extra set. All of you have to do is make available a copy of the key. Key cutting takes a few minutes. All you have to do is specify the number of keys you need. Whether the key is for opening a lock in your home, business or car, we can cut it.

Auto Locksmith services
We understand how frustrating it can be when you lockout yourself in your car. As experts, we can help you get access to your car. To get started, call Texas Master Locksmith and inform our support team where your car is located.

At the site, our technicians will assess the situation and provide a solution. They can program and reprogram transponder and remote keys. They can also provide a new set of keys for your car and repair car key fobs among other services.

Security Access Control System
You can now reduce the risk of theft and burglary to your home or business. At Texas Master Locksmith, we provide secure access control systems to homes and businesses. The system secures your home and only provides access to those who have authorization.

For instance, in your business, employees can conveniently swipe a card and have access to areas they are permitted. Thanks to this system, you can keep unauthorized people of places they are not authorized to be in.

As experts, we provide a single battery operated control systems to networked systems which are able to control multiple places in your home. We have the experience to integrate new systems with existing ones. This is done to modernize and enhance security in your home or business.

Handicap Door Operators
As a business owner, accessibility to your establishment should be easy especially for those using wheelchairs and other aids. Apart from those who are disabled, handicap door operators are handy for those with their arms full of stuff they are carrying.


At Texas Master Locksmith, we can install and maintain handicap door operators. You can select wall switch operated or pushbutton. Both are available in wired, wireless and card reader modes.